The US Joins The Kingdom Of The Serpent

Just heard from my editor in the US, Lou Anders, that he’s bought the Kingdom of the Serpent sequence – Jack of Ravens, The Burning Man and Destroyer of Worlds – to be published shortly by Pyr.

For American readers, those books will finish off the massive story that began with World’s End in the Age of Misrule, a trilogy of trilogies covering more than two thousand years of human history, three worlds – this world, the Otherworld and the world beyond death – and our greatest mythologies.

Maybe I’ll stop getting all those emails now.

The Burning Man Paperback Cover

Here’s the cover for the mass-market paperback publication of The Burning Man, Book Two of Kingdom of the Serpent, which is out in June.


You can see it’s quite different from the hardback and trade paperback editions – the figure is less stylised, the fire not so harsh. Personally, I prefer the old image…


… but the powers that be at Gollancz think this one is more effective. Opinions?

You can buy the new paperback version here or order it from any good bookstore.

Lost Things # 1

This is the first in an occasional series of things that inspired me while creating a book. Any story is more than just a collection of words, and the pieces that go into the original making can be diverse and many – a fragment of conversation, a song heard on the radio late at night, an image viewed briefly from a train window… All those have been part of the strange and sometimes incomprehensible process of imagining that eventually results in one of my tales, long or short.

Many of these inspirations are not apparent in the finished product. Some are more overt, and in occasional cases designed as such to create resonances, for instance Francis Ford Coppola’s movie Apocalypse Now and the long, difficult boat trip in the Far Lands in The Queen of Sinister.

A lot of influences went into the bubbling cauldron for my next book The Burning Man, but one of the most powerful was Songs from the Victorious City, a mysterious and evocative blend of Middle Eastern sounds and westernised constructions by Anne Dudley and former Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman. It’s a fantastically powerful musical poem about Cairo, and was an effective backdrop while I was writing a long sequence set in that city, even with the odd scratch and sizzle of my old vinyl version.

Worth a listen.

The Burning Man Cover Copy

..has just been agreed:

Old gods never die. They wait for the right time to regain their grip on humanity.

In Egypt, in Greece, China, frozen northern Europe, America, ancient forces are awakening. Only a handful of heroes know the truth and stand ready to defend our modern world from powers rooted in a more brutal, terrifying time.

But behind it all lurks something even worse. The god of gods.

The Burning Man is coming…