We Can Solve Any Problem In The World

We have enough money to eradicate poverty, to feed the hungry, to elevate everyone to levels they never dreamed of.

We have the technology and the knowledge to halt climate change and the vast extinction of species.

We could find cures for the world’s illnesses.

The only thing that stands in the way is politics, or rather the politicians we elevate to run the world’s governments. This is why I focus so much on politics here. I‘m not interested in it in and of itself, I’m interested in what it can do.

Right now it’s a barrier – a massive wall – preventing us getting to a better world. Until we solve politics, we’re stuck where we are.

Tough questions need to be asked and action taken. Apathy will literally ruin your life.

How To Solve World Hunger – Eat Yourself

Lab-grown meat, created from cells, is advancing at an exponential rate, so much so that Singapore has just become the first country to approve it for commercial use.

It won’t be too long before it’s no longer necessary to cultivate animals for food. Not only is that great for animal welfare, it’s also key to tackling the climate emergency.

(Although I mainly eat a plant-based diet, I say this as someone who enjoys a good steak from time to time. Hawksmoor is the best for that in the UK, in my books.)

To show the diversity offered by lab-cultured meat, a recent experiment created meat from the cells of endangered species – no animals were harmed – blue whale, tiger, gorilla.

The eventual aim is that people will be able to make meat in their own kitchen in a device the size of a microwave.

And the easiest way to get cells to grow meat is from your own body. So I could tuck into a nice juicy Chadbourn steak, or burger, or sausage. That lip-smacking flavour of surly midlander and political discontent.

It’s coming soon.