Iron Age Massacre Discovered At UK’s Largest Hill Fort

Excavations at Ham Hill in Somerset have uncovered evidence of what may be thousands of Iron Age bodies, dismembered and with their flesh stripped away.  This is the largest hill fort in the UK Рcovering an area of something like 129 football pitches Рyet most of it has so far been unexcavated.

This is just one of several as-yet-unexplained finds of flesh being stripped from human bones in this era.

Skull On A Stake Reveals Mysterious Ancient Ritual

A fascinating discovery by archaeologists in Sweden: poles with human heads impaled on them at the bottom of a pond, dating back to the stone age. ¬†Apart from the mystery surrounding the ritual, the academics are also scratching their heads about a stone burial mound found nearby – a kind that didn’t become common until much later.

“According to Hallgren this mound of stones was built at the bottom of a pond where nobody could see it. What was the point?…”


Stonehenge Site Uncovered

“Archaeologists say they have found a huge ancient settlement used by the people who built Stonehenge.”

Developments at Stonehenge are proving more fascinating with each year. It appears to be unfolding in the shape of an enormous ritual site like the one at nearby Avebury. There’s still a great deal of work going on there so expect a few more text books to be ripped up in the coming months…