3 Body Problem

Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of Netflix’s 3 Body Problem.

I have a feeling this one is going to be massively divisive. Fans of the original novels will probably be furious it steps away from the books’ cold abstraction to attempt a more human connection, something that is absolutely necessary to reach the broader audience required for a TV adaptation.

But those coming expecting Netflix’s own Game of Thrones via the rep of showrunners Benniof and Weiss will also be disappointed because it brings from the books the need for an at least rudimentary understanding of science, scientific terms, even the Cultural Revolution. The pacing is also glacial.

And unlike GoT you don’t get any tits and knobs to break up the exposition.

But somewhere in the great Venn diagram there’s a little segment which appreciates the changes made and that’s where I slot in.

The vastness of the universe, mysterious countdowns, the fifth generation of Apple’s Vision Pro, puzzles and conundrums and a climate crisis analogy coupled with some solid history rarely seen in the West made for an intriguing watch.

I also saw someone complaining that all the key scientists were good-looking which is Nerd-Rage at its finest.