Swords of Albion

The Devil’s Looking Glass

The third swashbuckling, supernatural adventure featuring Elizabethan England’s answer to James Bond, the dashing swordsman and spy, Will Swyfte.
1593: The dreaded alchemist, black magician and spy Dr John Dee is missing…
Terror sweeps through the court of Queen Elizabeth, for in Dee’s possession is an obsidian mirror, a mysterious object of great power which legend says could set the world afire.
And so the call goes out to celebrated swordsman, adventurer and rake Will Swyfte – find Dee and his feared looking-glass and return them to London before disaster strikes. But when Will discovers the mirror may help him solve the mystery that has haunted him for years – the fate of his lost love, Jenny – the stakes become acutely personal.
With a frozen London under siege by supernatural powers, the sands of time are running out. Will is left with no choice but to pursue the alchemist to the devil-haunted lands of the New World – in the very shadow of the terrifying fortress home of England’s hidden enemy, the Unseelie Court.
Surrounded by an army of these unearthly fiends, with only his sword and a few brave friends at his back, the realm’s greatest spy must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice – or see all he loves destroyed.
Published by Transworld/Bantam (2012)
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The Scar-Crow Men

Swashbuckling adventure, authentic historical fiction and supernatural thrills come together in the second novel in Mark Chadbourn’s genre-busting Swords of Albion series.
1593. Queen Elizabeth’s trusted spymaster Walsingham has been dead for two years.
As plague sweeps through the streets and stews of London, so suspicion and mistrust sweep through the court and government. No one feels safe. Even the celebrated swordsman, adventurer and philanderer, Will Swyfte, must watch his back.
It is when his best friend and colleague, the playwright Christopher Marlowe, is killed in a pub brawl that Will decides he must act. The murder has all the hallmarks of an assassination. But in going in search of Kit’s killer, he discovers that there are those in positions of power and influence who are not what they seem…
Against a backcloth of growing paranoia and terror, Will detects the malign machinations of England’s hidden enemy, the Unseelie Court. Now friendless and with these devils at his back, the country’s greatest spy may find that even his vaunted skills are no match for the supernatural powers arrayed against him. The choice is simple: uncover the true nature and intention of this vile conspiracy – or face the executioner’s axe.
Published by Transworld/Bantam (2011) & Pyr (2011)
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The Sword of Albion

1588: as the Spanish Armada prepares to sail, rumours abound of a doomsday device that, were it to fall into enemy hands, could destroy England and her bastard queen once and for all.
Enter Will Swyfte. He is one of Walsingham’s new breed of spy and his swashbuckling exploits have made him famous. However Swyfte’s public image is a façade, created to give the people of England a hero in their hour of need – and to deflect attention from his real role: fighting a secret war against a foe infinitely more devilish than Spain…
For millennia this unseen enemy has preyed upon humankind, treating honest folk as playthings to be hunted, taken and tormented. But now England is fighting back. Armed with little more than courage, their wits and an array of cunning gadgets created by sorcerer Dr Dee, Will and his colleagues must secure this mysterious device before it is too late. Theirs is a shadowy world of plot and counterplot, deception and betrayal, where no one – and nothing – is quite what they seem. At stake is the very survival of queen and country…
Supernatural action and brilliantly researched historical fiction combined in the first novel of the mould-breaking Swords of Albion trilogy.
Published by Transworld/Bantam (2010) & Pyr (2009)
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