Feminine Power


Praise Kali, whose insatiable aggression destroys ignorance and leads her followers to enlightenment.

I took in the exhibition Feminine Power: From the Divine to the Demonic at the British Museum, an examination of female power in myth, religion and folklore with commentary by the likes of Mary Beard and Elizabeth Day. Excellent. Well worth a visit.

Here’s Hekate, who stands between life and death, here in her triple-faced form. Heralded by howling dogs.


Or Ishtar, Queen of the Night and sexual power.


And Lilith, once decried for breaking the rules, now a symbol of women, who will not be chained.


You’ll also find Medusa, Mary, Isis, others from African and Chinese belief systems…

The exhibition is on at the British Museum till September 26.

2 thoughts on “Feminine Power”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Just sent in a pitch for my TV series “Ancestral Dreaming” which tells the whole story of how we got into the mess we’re in now and how we get ourselves back to the garden. The last 10K year “Era of Domination” can end. The future is feminine. It’s time to go home to Mama. Mother Earth is waiting for us to awaken from this nightmare. She’s ready when we are. Have you seen my “Big Mama’s Kitchen” video? My Earth Mother Goddess does standup.

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