More On The Lost Civilisation

I’ve written before about archaeologists gradually uncovering a mysterious lost civilisation that pre-dates civilisation as we know it (and had statues of six-fingered people).

Here’s some information on new discoveries including a three-dimensional human-snake carving with eyes designed to follow you when you walk in the chamber.

There’s also evidence of a deep mythology. Keep watching this one. It’s going to rewrite history.

One thought on “More On The Lost Civilisation”

  1. I use my own interpretations of these Turkish archeological sites in my solar punk future. In the 26th century, they’re seen as archeological evidence that the Garden of Eden existed in our prehistoric past.

    I had an argument this week with someone who believes my future without money will not have any way to motive folks. But no one paid the artists who created these monuments from our pre-money past.

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