The World Is About To Change Forever

We’re about to reach a turning point for the world, one of those rare moments in history when every single thing changes and all the that we relied on before is replaced by something new.

The combination of Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine and the pandemic will unleash disruption on a massive scale in many different areas at the same time. I’ve just worked my way through several reports which show how these crises are going to interlock and force huge changes.

  • Africa is facing an imminent famine and food disruption. Ukraine provides much of its wheat and fertiliser that the war will devastate.
  • An energy crisis looms with shortages and rising prices everywhere, again due to the war.
  • The cost of living is going to go through the roof everywhere because the pandemic, particularly in China, is going to disrupt supply chains for a long time.
  • The old world order is gone. The US, EU and UK will cleave together, but multiple poles of power will arise elsewhere- China, India and in Africa with countries choosing alliances which best suit them.

It all sounds catastrophic but crisis drives change for the better.

The West will be forced to start caring more for countries suffering in East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The global economic system will have to be rethought with new trade arrangements that provide security for all and are less damaging to the planet.

There will be overwhelming investment in renewable energy systems that will tackle the climate emergency far better than anything we planned before.

We’re a weird species. We only make changes for the better when crisis forces it upon us. But history shows us that times like this always result in something significantly better.

Bottom line: the months ahead are going to be a turbulent time that we’re all going to have to get through.

Everything is going to be smashed down (metaphorically). But in times of crisis the best of people emerges and we’re going to start building a world that’s radically different and incredibly better.

Because there’s going to be no alternative.

3 thoughts on “The World Is About To Change Forever”

  1. The punctuated equilibrium theory that evolution occurs in spurts instead of following the slow but steady path that Darwin suggested seems applicable to our current situation. I believe we have created the pressure on ourselves which requires everything to change now. But it’s not just our species which does not change until forced, it’s the way things work on this planet, I believe. I’m focused on the solar punk vision of what we can create here now. Because we human beings must always first imagine anything we want to build and we have not spent anywhere near enough time imagining the world we want to build here. Humanity has now evolved into the consciousness of this living being we call Earth. The Earth Rise photo taken by NASA was the moment Earth’s consciousness was proven. We recognized ourselves hanging in space just as small children or dolphins seeing themselves in a mirror proves their self awareness. I also believe our art is how Earth dreams and we need to dream of what we want to see happen next. But my first screenwriting teacher told me, “Marcella, heaven is boring, that’s why no one writes stories about heaven on Earth.” I understand conflict drives stories. But we’re all walking around with computers in our pockets because the artists who created Star Trek imagined communicators. Did you know Motorola gave the first flip phone to William Shatner in recognition of the inspiration? Gene Roddenberry pitched “Wagon Train in the stars.” I’m pitching “Star Trek on Earth.” What happens if we make the right decisions going forward? What are we actually capable of creating here? I know, because I have been working on it for a long time now and it’s spectacular!

    1. You make some excellent points. I particularly like your line “our art is how Earth dreams”.

  2. Thanks. Have you seen my “Big Mama’s Kitchen” in which Mother Earth wakes up to find we’ve made a mess of her kitchen? My Earth Mother is the love child of Mae West & Bugs Bunny (a bawdy vaudeville with long pointed ears) who does a 10 minute stand up routine on sustainability, her relationship with God & other juicy stuff.
    There’s a link on my website, too. Onward!

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