Is The New Dark Age Over?

Since 2016, it seems like we’ve been on a long march away from the light. Away from science, from truth, from international brotherhood, from equality and fairness and many of the liberal values we took for granted for much of the twentieth century.

The result of the US election provides some hope that a return to progress is within grasp. That maybe the last four years wasn’t a relentless process of de-evolution, but just a blip, maybe a last gasp of the old world.

The news of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine, with its potential ninety per cent efficacy added to that sense of the lamps coming back on.

In the UK, we still have the Brexit mess to navigate, and there’s a sickening current of blood and soil nationalism in many countries.

But right now things are looking better than they have done in a long while and I’m going to make sure I celebrate it as we move into the festive season.

One thought on “Is The New Dark Age Over?”

  1. Hear, hear, Mark.
    I too feel that the slow but persistent winds of change are blowing away the detritus of toxic nationalism, isolationism, and the apathetic, somnambulistic fog of fears we have all had to endure for so, so, long.
    I feel it deep within my bones.
    I see it in a new flowering of our mental and emotional landscapes.
    The Angels of our better natures demand change.
    Time to wake and work in every way for that long imagined brave new world. You carry the pen, brother. Keep wealing it well.

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