Writing In The Time of Plague

Back to the writing mill after four days off over Easter. On my virtual desk, I have two novels to complete, and two TV projects.

Work hasn’t changed much here during the lockdown. It’s still me in front of a screen, roaming around the inside of my head.

But work isn’t just the productive part. My well of inspiration was always fed by getting out into the world, to the pubs and bars, to cafes and restaurants, lounging on the common, seeing life, seeing stories unfold around me.

That’s all changed.

Social media has really come into its own in the last few weeks. It’s no substitute, but I’ve found it a lifeline for keeping up with friends and work colleagues. Isolation isn’t good for the soul. We’ll always find ways to connect.

(You can find me on Insta and Twitter, both @Chadbourn.)

One thought on “Writing In The Time of Plague”

  1. You’re darn right, it’s tough to fill the creative well right now. Like most, I’ve missed stuff. A weekend trip to Spain, a visit to the V & A in London, tea with friends, a months worth of writing club meet-ups, organised walks and a trip to the seaside. All of which would of enriched my life and filled my creative well.

    Instead, I’m back on Twitter for more than just the Wednesday one hour session with #writingchat, I’ve learnt how to use Zoom and spoken to friends worldwide. I’m doing WhatsApp and contemplating getting my blog up and running again, and who knows I might even do something on Youtube. Never say never.
    It’s not quite the same, but I’m grateful.
    It’s a brave new world.

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