TV Work

Generally I don’t talk about all the TV work I’m doing. When you’re creating new series, there are usually long periods of ditch-digging with the team, sweating, bouncing ideas around and drafting and re-drafting pilot scripts as conceptions change. And even then it doesn’t always come together.

But, as several people have asked, I’m currently in development with seven returning series for UK and international streaming broadcasters, across a range of genres.

More when I’m contractually allowed to speak about any of them.

2 thoughts on “TV Work”

  1. So good to hear your news,Mark. I wish you well in all your endeavours and upcoming projects. From what I know of your writing and your tireless commitment to seeing clearly that big picture that informs and enlightens us all to the cultural paths and byways that our society is taking: for richer or poorer, more utopian or deeply dystopian . Thank you for carrying the flag of integrity and honesty for us all . I salute you. Never stop writing. Good luck and long may your success continue . Geoff.

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