The Universe Is Us, And We Are The Universe


Fascinating work being done by Sir Roger Penrose and Professor Stuart Hameroff which suggests the brain is constantly linked on the quantum level to fluctuations in the very structure of the universe and reacts accordingly. Instead of the brain being a computational device, it’s actually more like an orchestra making music from all the information the universe sends us. I find that a vey elegant metaphor that makes more sense of what’s going on in my head than saying it’s just a pink jelly PC.

We are the universe and the universe is us, all information passing back and forth. The Buddhists were right.

You can find more at Hameroff’s Quantum Consciousness website.

2 thoughts on “The Universe Is Us, And We Are The Universe”

    1. It was touched on in the latter books of the Age of Misrule sequence – the Kingdom of the Serpent books. Penrose and Hameroff have been researching the idea for a while now, but they’ve now overcome many of the objections to the theory.

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