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BTS. That stands for ‘Behind the Scenes’.  You don’t get a lot of discussion about the process of getting a TV series made…or, more likely, not made, as 99.9% of the series that go into development never see the light of day.  There’s a reason for that.  A lot of writers only like to talk about their successes.  Or they don’t want to jinx the process.  Or they’re afraid of giving too much away.  Or, they believe, no one is really interested in the what-might-bes or the never-wases.

I think they’re wrong on that last point.

So, I’ve just signed a contract to take one of my original ideas into development with the people behind Homeland.  It’s a returning crime series (so, apologies to those of you looking for adaptations of Age of Misrule and Swords of Albion – they’ve both been in and out of development, and will no doubt get on that horse again).

The script for the first episode of this new series has been written. Actually, I did it on spec – that’s what got me the gig.  The next stage is for the producers to take it in to the TV commissioners to see if they’re interested enough to think about airing it.  If they are, we’re on to stage 2 of the long obstacle course.  If they’re not, it goes into a drawer and comes out again in a year or two.

My philosophy is to celebrate every stage, even if the next one may well be turnaround or death by meh.  So see this as a celebration.  Contract signed, possibilities ahead.

And check back tomorrow for news about The Eternal

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