Live Forever – Book Review


TRANSCEND by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman

Want to live forever? This is the book for you. That may sound like a fatuous statement to accompany some woolly, magical thinking guide, but everything here is based on the latest scientific studies (all referenced, if you don’t want to take the authors at their word). Indeed, Kurzweil is a leading scientific philosopher, best-known for his writing on the coming technology singularity. Grossman is a doctor.

How can you live forever? It’s a simple equation. In the 2020s, biotech advances will extend lifespans. In the 2030s, nanotech advances will help your body repair itself ad infinitum. This book is a guide to everything you can do yourself to help you live just long enough to reach the first ‘bridge’, which should then carry you through to the second. Simple. Here is all the latest thinking on nutrition, exercise, relaxation, supplements, calorie reduction, new technologies and more – and not just what works, but why it works. You will also find some of the surprising, hidden things that are slowly killing you. And if you think you know all this stuff, I’m betting that you don’t.

None of the advice is onerous. Little changes have big consequences. Even if you’re a confirmed cynic, making those changes will undoubtedly make you feel better, so what’s to lose?

If you don’t consider yourself ‘scientifically minded’, don’t worry – all the scientific evidence here isn’t hard-going. The two authors have a lively writing style and communicate detailed information in an easily-digested form. This is a ‘how to…’ guide, recommended for everyone. Philosophically, it’ll make you look at the world around you in a different way. And as a template for really improving your day-to-day existence, it’s unparalleled.

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