New Site, New Age

Here’s the new website.  It’s only been, what, three years in the coming…

I needed to pull together the old information site at the .net address and the Jack of Ravens blog, and hopefully keep it up-to-the-minute – particularly as there’s a lot happening in the near future, including the ‘lost’ books, novellas and short stories being made available in e-book format.

Any comments or suggestions for changes and improvements will all be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “New Site, New Age”

  1. I love the new site! Nice modern look and still Green. :) One note, though: the fields for this “Leave a Reply” section are not labeled. Not sure where to put name, email, etc. (I think I figured it out…but still.)

  2. Lovely! Feels much more “friendly” than the Jack of Ravens one…

    Only thing is as “Name goes here?” said, the Leave a reply field could do with labelling :)

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