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  1. Hi Mark,

    I just happened upon “The Scar-Crow Men” in my local bookstore (inevitably without the preceding volume anywhere in evidence, which I’ll have to order from Amazon…) and was interested to see the commonalities with a project I’ve been working on for some years that has recently launched:


    In my case, it’s as much about the experimental art form (an illustrated Web serial novel, working with the artist Hilary Farmer: http://greenteadoodles.wordpress.com) as the story itself, but the framework is an encounter between an Elizabethan poet (Christopher Marlowe, quasi-posthumously and on the far side of the world) with the denizens of Faerie. That Other Poet is likely to feature in much later episodes, too…

    Our Albion–very loosely modeled on a genuine plan proposed by Sir Francis Drake to colonize what is now the Canadian West Coast, where I grew up–is a good deal more light-hearted and lackadaisical than yours, although all historical faux pas are entirely intentional! Please check it out–you may find it entertaining to see such a different take on material you’re clearly deeply familiar with.

    I’m looking forward to digging into your books for much the same reason! Although I will say some of the elements that seem to have drawn you to this part of history–a concern with the security-police state and the “logic” of war–are not entirely foreign to my own concerns.


  2. Hey Mark – where can I find some Xtinct Instinct or Symbols of Malice?! Is there anything circulating on the net which I haven’t managed to spot on my searches?

    Really interested in your political endeavours, would love to read more. Also interested in your involvement with Greenpeace and how you feel you have more of an influence as an “outside voice” these days in activism. I’d like to hear more of your thoughts on this “issue-led” political approach vs the old-fashioned party/cheerleader mentality and how you go about propelling certain issues and, most interestingly, what you think is fit for the 21st century?

    Can’t believe I just saw this post now…

  3. Michael- None of the music survived, unfortunately, but it probably – likely – hasn’t aged well.

    I’ll pick up some of those other things in future blog posts, I think.

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