The Dancing Did…Again

The band that was, perhaps, the greatest influence on the Age of Misrule, all those years ago. The album, And Did Those Feet, mixed a contemporary world with ancient horrors, and captured, in its rhythmic, crazed-folk drive, the sound of rural England – cider-drunk locals stumbling through graveyards on the way home.

Lyrically, there was nothing like them. Any band who can start a song, ‘Unctuous, prattling pecksniffs quake and quail and quiver, as the Badger Boys come down the street like pike down an empty river’ have got to be worth a listen…

2 thoughts on “The Dancing Did…Again”

  1. Hi Mark, well you learn something new everyday, scrolled through your pages today and saw ” the dancing did” and had to investigate them. I live outside of Evesham and it was great to see that a good old ‘Asum, band had such a famous fan. Love your books and really appreciate the research that goes into them. Many an hour has been spent on checking into references made in them and learning about our great island. Regards

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