Book Launch – All Invited

I’ll be launching The Scar-Crow Men at Waterstone’s in Nottingham on June 2. It’s the first time I’ve done a launch since Nocturne way, way back (my second novel), but that was a private party for friends and publishers at the old Murder One bookshop in Charing Cross Road in London.

This is a public event. I’ll be talking about the novel, about fantasy, history, philosophy, magic, writing – hell, anything which comes to mind, probably – and I’ll be doing a short reading too, and signing as well.

The venue: Waterstone’s, 1/5 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham NG1 2GR.
Time: 7pm
Tickets are £3. No idea what the limit is, but it’ll be on a first come, first served basis. You can get them in-store in advance, or call the store on 0845 034 9516.

This may well be the only official signing for The Scar-Crow Men so get in soon if you want me to scribble all over your pristine copy. Happy to sign any other stuff you’ve got too.

0 thoughts on “Book Launch – All Invited”

  1. Sorry bud can’t make it. Would have been fun to see you in full swing. Hope it all goes well for you. Have fun and sell tons if books

  2. Awesome! Also, the pubs in nottingham are amazing, might drag some mates with me for company but it looks like I’ll have to stay over as last train is really early. Camping looks possible though.

  3. Mmmmm , I`m just about ready for another adventure .
    Nottingham is neat for a city ; the girls are hansome and the ale makes your toes curl .
    Look for me in the East , at sunrise .
    All the very best , Mark .
    Geoff .

  4. I’ll be there – and I’ve rallied some friends who want to come and see who I’ve been raving about for the last decade or so! :-)

    I’m glad someone else asked about bringing their entire collection – I was going to control myself but now… Clare you may have started something!

    Looking forward to Thursday

  5. I’ve been waiting…8 years for this, of course I’m taking all nine :) If you get this I’ll be wearing bright orange doc martins boots all day. Stop me in the street and we’ll get a pint. You might even get to see my tattoos (they’re not very exciting but relevant!)

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