Mushrooms That Make Zombie Ants

“On a recent field trip to the region, scientists discovered four new species of fungus that infect ants, take over their bodies and eventually kill them in a place that is just right for the organism to grow inside them.

The fungus can destroy entire colonies and leave behind gruseome ant graveyards, where twisted, dark corpses rest with their mandibles locked around leaf veins, a final act that secures the creature’s host in position before it releases spores to infect others.”

On the bright side, they go very nice in an omelette.

5 thoughts on “Mushrooms That Make Zombie Ants”

  1. This is the stuff of nightmares. My brain is already formulating scenarios where the infestation in the ants jumps species. The zombie apocolypse IS just around the corner. EEK!

  2. Seen this on Discover channel. They did a time-lapse of an ant infected with the fungus…creepy stuff. Like the article said, the ant is forced to climb to some vantage point and then dies, then like a scene from Aliens a proboscis protrudes through the back of its skull.

    ah here it is:

  3. I think it more alarming because it’s not seen as an animal etc. It’s ok for wasps to do that sort of thing because they’re bad boys but fungus? I feel similarly ill at ease with carnivorous plants.

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