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  1. We had what’s for us a very cold week last week (raining non-stop near freezing) but yesterday the wonders of the Cantabric Climate brought us warm weather again. Up to 20C – it’s colder inside the apartment than outside!

  2. This picture is pretty creepy, but beautiful.

    I live in Glasgow and had the misfortune to have to go out last night in the freezing fog… I kept expecting one of your characters to emerge from the winter wasteland. Alas, as it’s Glasgow, we had to make do with a few drunk guys and a bold fox.

  3. It’s currently 8 degrees F (-13 or so C). My truck battery died in its sleep last night. I can literally hear the money being sucked from my wallet as the electric heat has not turned off for 3 days. Despite all that I still love winter…just wish it was shorter…lol.

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