Scientists Conduct First Successful Time Travel Experiment

Turns out it wasn’t 88mph after all. A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has completed a successful experiment with quantum time travel.

Seth Lloyd and his collaborators “have identified a new approach to the problem that opens up the strange world of time travel to experiments,” according to a report in New Scientist magazine.

What is so tantalising about time travel is that there seems to be nothing to prevent it. As far as the laws of physics are concerned, time can run forwards or backwards. But time travel of the kind that Marty McFly gets up to in the movie Back to the Future is a different kettle of fish. It requires an object to go back in time while everything else keeps creeping forward. Still, there is no shortage of ideas about how this might happen.

Even more fascinating, the MiT team sent a photon back to “kill” itself.

The magazine says, ‘When this experiment is done, something interesting happens: every single time the time travel works, the gun fails to go off. And when time travel fails, the gun works. To put this in the language of the grandfather paradox, as long as there is some chance of your gun misfiring and the assassination failing, time travel may work. “You can point the gun but you can’t pull the trigger,” says Lloyd.’

8 thoughts on “Scientists Conduct First Successful Time Travel Experiment”

  1. “You can point the gun but you can’t pull the trigger,”

    Which is reassuring I think, in otherwords Existence making sure you can’t tamper too much.

    It also means the Terminator could never have killed Sarah Connor doesn’t it?

    btw we can’t read the article without logging in, but it is worth it :)

  2. “stories” !!!!!!!

    Not sure New Scientist would like them being called stories. But yes well worth it, a mag I have been reading on and off for decades.

    Approx 20 years ago they ran a story about how ironong clothes was bad for the environment/global warming etc. I completely took it on board and am happily crumpled ;)

  3. maybe this indicates that if we were able to travel through time we wouldn’t be able to have any effect on our environment; but instead have a hands off approach like Scrouge in a Christmas carol. we may be able to go back and witness events but not be able to interact or make a change to them. Just a thought i had after reading this :)

  4. Interesting!
    However I believe if time travel were perfected ( which will be soon) we will have an effect in the participating event. A question I’ve often pondered is – What happened to yesterday? Where is all that ‘data’ or events stored? It has to be there somewhere and! Still occurring as it just did – a minute ago, a second or a year ago. The whole holographic projectection is live at its moment thus remains this perpetual existence. It has to be there somewhere – of-course unseen…even tomorrow. We have created tomorrow a while before.

    Linear time (past, present, and future) can be tapped into at any point on the scale. More importantly it can be manipulated if intended or attempted. With regards to the gun not firing, could mean we not ready (I dont wanna use the word – spiritually) to completely welcome that ‘shift’. Perhaps if we are aware of the consequences of our intended manipulations – we’d reconsider as it could affect existence to a large degree.

  5. This article was published nov 22, 2010. I need to go back there and i need to go back there now, tonite.

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