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  1. Thanks for the evernote tip. I think I’m going to like it. Unlike google docs, I’m not required to be online to take notes on my ipod touch. They will sync up later. I’m not sure about scrivener. I’ve seen similar, and I’m just not sure if as a new writer I should use a tool like that…I get the feeling it would be overkill.

  2. Scrivener works better for me in the second draft phase when I’m moving around blocks of text, sometimes shifting entire chapters. With everything together in one document, I find it easier than working with multiple docs in Word. With all these things, though, it’s all about making the writing process easier and that’s such an individual thing.

  3. I’ve revised two novels and written a third of one in Scrivener, plus random bits and a few short stories. I can’t really imagine using anything else.

    I (foolishly) wrote 220k words for my first novel. When I split it up and revise it next year, I’m going to copy the entire thing from the Word file into Scrivener.

    I’m always learning something new about Scrivener, too. Some useful function that I didn’t know about but that can save me time. Also, love the word count session tracking so I know how much I’ve written, even if it’s across several different chapters.

  4. There are lots of great functions, aren’t there? I’m still learning many of them myself. You can import your entire novel from Word with a single click…

  5. See, I didn’t know that. Thanks!

    Lately, I’ve started using “Find Annotation” and “Find Highlight” a lot because my wife is my first reader and she leaves me lots of wonderful “this is broken” notes.

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