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  1. Hello Mark ,
    First : I hope that your own rememberings at the funeral you are to attend are the kind of recollections that gently ease , and act as a tonic for the soul .
    You mention LotR in your blog ; I wonder how many millions of lives , over the decades , that glorious trilogy has awakened and changed with the power of its sublime story .
    For me , it was the multi – coloured , and drug crazed streets of early seventies Amsterdam , where I became intoxicated and addicted to his epic fantasy .
    When JRR went AWOL from the horror of the death choked trenches he trudged through , he found solace and escape in middle Earth`s
    creation . He did us all the greatest of favours ;he gave us the most splendid of gifts : wisdom of the human condition , hope over despair , and that the smallest and the tiniest actions really do count for something . But for this fan, the LSD enlightened eighteen year old of yesteryear , to the man of today , his greatest gift to me was to share in his original escapism and loose myself in my mind`s imaginings his writing creates .
    I`m no writer , just an avid reader . And a gifted writer can wield such power . We all find those authors who change the fabric of our own space – time . I can almost reach double figures with the number of word smiths who have changed my perception of realities and shown me what a true hero is .
    Epic heroes live in the genre of fantasy . They always have , since the first tales were told around the earliest fires in the dead of night . These storytellers carry the light that illuminates our imaginations and make us glad to be human .
    Never sell your pen or rent it out for sale : keep on dreaming so we can all keep on reading .
    I really enjoyed the blog . Ta mate .

  2. Geoff, thanks for the kind words on all fronts.

    So very true about JRR.

    It sounds like you’ve been on your own quest. I’d love to read an account of The Amsterdam Years!

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