How To Write A Fantasy Novel

…in one hour. I’ve been asked to hold a workshop for would-be fantasy authors at the alt.fiction one-day event in Derby, UK, on June 12.

It’ll cover devising your world, your protagonist, and your main storyline as well as a section on what you need to do to get your work to the attention of editors and agents. All in one hour. It’s fast-paced. You’ll need to think quickly and work hard, but you will find it rewarding. Come with paper and pen. And it’s an early start, for me – 10am – so I will undoubtedly be curmudgeonly. I will need caffeine.

I’ll also be doing a signing at 4pm with other Midlands authors Graham Joyce, Kim Lakin-Smith and Gav Thorpe.

Then at 9pm I’ll be doing a panel with Stephen Volk, Rob Shearman and Bill Boyes on writing for TV.

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  1. May the luck of the land be with you . Responsibilities make us human ; carrying them out is as a light in dark places .

    Just started ” Jack of Ravens ” and am relishing the great adventure to come .

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