6 thoughts on “The Sword Of Albion”

  1. And my copy has duly arrived!

    I’ve currently got 3 books on the go at the moment:Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; Rebecca; Captain’s Fury (Codex Alera 4); so I will have to wait a while before reading it.

  2. What a fantastic first paragraph!

    Does that mean I’ve officially got FOUR books on the go at one time?

  3. Took SOA on holiday, some late nights reading provoked some very wrong dreams after all that French cheese and wine…. loved it. Am slightly obsessed with the court of Elizabeth anyway and an with faerie on top, almost too much!
    Glad to spot a brief glimpse of the jester in there too ( i did hope for one when we met a Forbidden Planet). Have a great summer.

  4. sorry, for my confusion .. but is “The Sword of Albion” and “The silver Skull” the same book? Or is the first one the second part of the trilogy (because of the date of appearance)?

    I’ve just read the Kingdom of the Serpent trilogy and I liked it a lot and therefore, I though, I could visit your blog to find out what new books are in the queue .. :-)

    greetings from Germany,


  5. Hello Nexus –

    The Sword of Albion is the UK version of the US’ The Silver Skull, although the UK one is slightly different and slightly longer.

    Glad you enjoyed Kingdom of the Serpent!

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