Purpose Not Profit

One of the things that seems to unite a lot of my readers (if the emails and messages I get are right) is a deep-seated sense that there’s something wrong with the world. With the way we operate as a society.

Here’s a short film about some new research which suggests they’re right. It has implications not only for the creative industries – in my case, publishing – but for business in general, for politics, for environmentalism and more.

Bigger bonuses (please note: banks and the City of London) don’t make people work better or harder unless they’re doing production line-equivalent tasks.

Once people have reached a basic standard of living they’re not interested in more cash (please note: hard right think tanks).

More than anything, they just want purpose in their life. That might sound dangerously spiritual, but according to this research funded by the Federal Reserve – not a haven of radical thinking – it’s true.

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  1. Blimey Mark, how on earth did you watch that film? The graphics set my heart racing (and they spelt weird as wierd) and when I tried listening only, his speed of delivery and his grating monotone conspired to have the same effect. I mean, phew! Sorry. Bottom of the class, Whitelock.

  2. Weird is one of those words that catches a lot of people out…unless weird is your thing. (Which clearly it is to a lot of readers of this blog…)

    In the US, business people seem to prefer this kind of delivery. If you see any of the Google or Apple lectures, you’ll know what I mean. But…message not medium! Unless you’re Marshall McLuhan…

  3. That is very very interesting and essential viewing for a lot of organistaions and businesses. Thanks for highlighting it :)

  4. Well now , I enjoyed the medium of the little diagrams and the drawings . I retained the facts , and can now recall most of what was said . However , I`d better add that I`m an almost total right brainer of a guy .
    Purpose is what rewards me the most . Also , a happily , and contentedly , engaged person is more whole and centred in all facets of his life other than work . Money is a great motivator : of greed , and class , and overweening narcissism . Thanks Mark , made me evaluate my attitudes and stirred up what little grey cells I still possess .

  5. Ah there we are Geoff, I could not recall a single thing that was said except for weird being spelt incorrectly. It made me feel ill. Not just because of the presentation but because of what that presentation represented; hyper-active business people running and running and getting nowhere but screwing everyone else up in the process. I have had about 80 jobs in my life with the most enjoyable being self-employed gardener. I have never had much money and the system gets me down somewhat. Not because I’ve never had much money but because so much vitriol has been directed towards me because I was so inclined.

  6. Hi Clive , how goes the day , I can empathise with your comments , mate . I say beware of hyper active business Gurus selling their wares . All fads and reworkings of old material , making a easy buck from the gullible and lost .
    Although , this article did grab me with its scientific evidence of support ; and physiologically it rings true to me .
    Our Capitalist culture , too outmoded a word may-hap , is driven by motivations that are channeled down and then fed by the need for filthy lucre , the secular salary of success .
    I started my working life as a Colliery Electrician : all my ” underground ” thinking , literally , was to escape from the bowels of good , old King Coal .
    I eventually did break out of the mines of Thatcher`s Britain .
    Stand by your principles , Clive . Live free : die your own man . A life whose only purpose it to accumulate wealth is wasted on illusions , and built on soft sands .
    Always good to share with you ,Clive .

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