Ashes To Ashes Finale

One of the best pieces of British TV in many, many years. I thought the end of Life on Mars was good. This was better. Congratulations to writer Matthew Graham for an excellent final script that has guaranteed these connected series a place in TV history.

Bye-bye, Gene. You’ll be missed.

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  1. Being a resident of the US I have only seen an episode here and there of Life on Mars (with Simm) but I am really happy that I got to see the entire last season of Ashes to Ashes wile I’ve been house sitting in the Netherlands. Love the show and want desperately to see seasons one and two. Loved the ending too.

    Good Bye Gene…

  2. Greg: If you do get to see the others, it’s amazing how well it hangs together across the five seasons. Clues were planted right from the start.

  3. I had some of the truth figured out from hints in the 3rd season of Ashes but I think hearing an interview with Philip Glenister earlier this year when he said this season was all about Gene kind of lead me to the truth. It was great and I can only hope to see the rest. Thanks… and thanks for The Silver Skull – really love your blend of history and fantasy.

  4. I will keep Ashes to Ashes in mind. I prefer British shows to American. There’s a certain…feel…most of them share. That’s lame, I know. I can’t quite put my finger on it yet. I’m still trying to figure it out. When I don’t watch British shows, I watch anime. So maybe I just don’t like American tv.

    I don’t watch most shows until they’re finished, though. I’ve been burned too many times, and I don’t watch enough television to make it worth the risk: I have tea and watch a single show on Netflix each night. Although I have taken to watching Doctor Who each week now that Moffat is writing it.

  5. Keeley Hawes was terrific in the show . I , too , will really miss it . I loved the stereotype characters , and the copper parlance .
    At first it took me a few week to admit it was good , after a month , I was hooked ; line and sinker .
    I live in hope of something equally as captivating to replace it .
    You are , of course correct , David ; we Brits are the past masters of the understated and humble telly show . Too many examples to bore you with here . However , as a Time Lord fan may I recommend the first ever Dr Who episode . Its wonderful title is ” An unearthly child . ” It was recorded in 1963. All the Dr Who DVD`s are available at . In fact some old Sci – Fi and fantasy films and series may be uncovered on that site . Does anyone remember a film Called
    ” Final Approach . ” – the one about the stealth plane pilot and ………No spoilers , for me it was a milestone film , and I appear to be the only one I know to have seen it …… getting old .

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