Amazon Redeemed

In my more snarky moments, I have had some fun at the expense of Amazon’s review system (see The Amazon One Star Review and probably one or two other places as well). It’s therefore only fair that I draw your attention to my favourite Amazon reviewer. Step forward: Dr M von Vogelhausen.

Over more than one hundred reviews, the possibly pseudonymous doctor has subverted the entire Amazon system. A comic persona, an on-going narrative, word-play and surreality all play their part in a nice piece of meta where the reviews become worthy of review.

Among my favourites are his look at ‘Nigella Express’ (headline: ‘The golden age of steam’) and the ‘Galvanized Hex Outdoor Rabbit/Guinea Pig Playpen Run’.

Click on the link above and read through before Amazon discovers the truth and stops approving his reviews.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Redeemed”

  1. This is superbly brilliant! I am constantly amazed at the hidden genius in our human population (and at the spare time some of this population seem to have).
    Love it and I am now officially hooked….

  2. I happened across the good doctor’s review of a Stanley hammer and spiralled down the rabbit hole from there. Thank you for all that craziness. Made my day.

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