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I’m currently head down and writing the final part of the next book so it’s necessarily been a bit quiet round here. The Swords of Albion series is a departure on many levels from what I’ve done before, particularly the degree of necessary research ( and if you’ve read any of my books you know I do a lot of research). But it seems to be coming together pretty well, I think.

In advance of normal service being resumed, here’s a quick catch-up:

Firstly, take a look at the new cover for the Pyr edition of The Queen of Sinister, Book Two of The Dark Age. Once again it’s by the astonishing John Picacio.


Secondly, the first US review of The Devil in Green, Book One of The Dark Age, is in, and it’s from Rob Will Review. To be honest, I don’t read most reviews, even if they’re brought to my attention. I do what I do, and it’s up to readers to take it or leave it. But there are a handful of reviewers I respect, and I listen very closely to their criticism and try to improve my work accordingly. Rob is one of those. You’re probably already aware of the others. In fact, here’s another…

…from Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review. It’s the first UK review of The Sword of Albion, out in May from Bantam. Not only did Graeme like it, he made some good comments which I am now addressing in the next book.

6 thoughts on “The Queen Of Sinister US Cover”

  1. Hi Mark,

    I noted with interest that Jamie Hewlett, Alan Moore and Damon Albarn are writing an Opera about Dr Dee.

    You may have started something bigger than you know.

    Looking forward to reading book two.


  2. You know that’s every reviewer’s dream. When an author reads something you wrote and actually considers it when writing their next piece…there is no bigger compliment. Congrats Rob, Graeme you just gained another reader.

    Speaking of The Dark Age covers, they are great. Pyr has some seriously good people when it comes to what makes a book look good. I just got The Hounds a couple days ago..and it’s gorgeous. Are you listening publishers?…be like Pyr. The age of Darrel Sweet, bless him..has passed…please…

  3. Hi Mark ,
    What a wonderfully expressive cover . The cover does indeed connect with , and reflect the contents of the story : love it to bits. A work of art in every sense of the word .
    Flying addictively throught the pages of the trilogy . I`m stood on the brink of the Lava pool at present , with Tom as Gogmagog takes his fiery form ……loving it mate .
    Good luck and good writing to you .
    So many books to read , and so little time to do it in ; just the way I like it .
    Onwards and upwards .

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