Who I Am?

Nobody likes to think they can be measured by a stranger. But I’m very interested in psychology and I recently took a VisualDNA personality test. It involved clicking a stream of images in response to various questions. The result:

“You’re a bit of a rebel at heart. You enjoy being challenged intellectually. You’re energetic and curious, with a love of life and an infectious enthusiasm for new adventures. Conscious of your place in the world, you like to stay informed about social and political issues and feel a duty to be environmentally responsible. You are inspired to make your mark and leave a positive legacy. You are energized by your vibrant network of friends and colleagues. Tech savvy and hungry for knowledge, you live life to the full, always seeking new adventures that broaden your horizons and take you out of your comfort zone.”

Which is horribly, horribly close to the truth.

5 thoughts on “Who I Am?”

  1. Hi Mark

    As part of the psychodynamic approach on my current psychology class our lecturer asked us to fill in an online questionnaire about attachment styles, I was amazed how accurate it was too. It’s a bit eerie isn’t it? Anyway, thought I’d forward you the link as there’s several tests on there that may interest you.


    Now stop procrastinating and get writing on your next book!

    All the best Heather (Bob)

  2. Despite having held a Social Science degree for many moons I still managed to retain some scepticism about Psychology. That was until about 8 years ago when I placed myself in the hands of a Psychologist and underwent a period of Cognitive Analytical Therapy. Stone the crows, did that sort out a few problems! I still marvel at the way by asking the right questions this woman got to the very nub of things. WOOOOAA!!

  3. Pychologists are spooky critters . My mate is one , and he puts the heeby – geebees into me the moment he starts talking . I become so self – conscious and ” nervy ”
    Shit , I wonder what I`m hiding , lol.

  4. Did you ever try those Myers-Briggs psychological profiles? They’re scarily accurate things, too, and depressingly useful at pointing out how one appears to others.

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