Get Yer ‘Inhuman Writing Machine’ T-Shirts

What started as a joke on Twitter and Facebook – in which I complained that my four nominations for Best Novel on the British Fantasy Awards longlist made me look like an inhuman writing machine – has taken on a life of its own.

Artist and reader @Madnad ran with the idea – and you can now buy her creatively-designed ‘Inhuman Writing Machine’ t-shirts here. Good for authors, journalists and anyone who makes – or aspires to make – a living from words.

And, no, there’s no cash coming my way for this. Go on, you know you want to…

0 thoughts on “Get Yer ‘Inhuman Writing Machine’ T-Shirts”

  1. The T – shirts look good , for simple T – shirts . The words are just flexible enought to engender more than just one interpretation .
    Alas , the price is inhuman for this out of work writing machine .
    I could buy four for that price on Leeds Market .
    I`ll hang around until one of them turns up in a local Charity shop ……the Universe will always provide…..eventually !

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