The Sword Of Albion Catch-Up

Lou Anders, my editor at Pyr Books in the US, has done a brief round-up of some of the amazing reviews I’ve been getting in the US for The Silver Skull – out in the UK under the title The Sword of Albion, from Bantam, in May. To say, I’ve been bowled over by the US reception would be under-stating.

Lou has been working up the catalogue copy for the follow-up book, which will be announced in the US soon. In fact, it looks like there’ll be news of the sequel before the book is even out in the UK.

There’s also a new review of the The Silver Skull out today here. Enough blowing of trumpets.

One thought on “The Sword Of Albion Catch-Up”

  1. “Blowing trumpets” indeed.I think you deserve a full orchestra sounding off at you for those glowing reviews I`ve just now read.
    They are relating exactly what all your fans already know,well:You`re a damn fine writer with a gift for building and creating characters you could meet on the street or in a pub.Believably flawed real people trying to get by and adapt to an apparently hostile and unpredictable environment.I can only comment on the few books I been lucky to discover by serendipity and damn good fortune.I ride along with the story,holding on tight, and observe the real growth and change of personalities as the pages turn , personal adversity and the trials and tribulations of a fallen society in flux; magic waxing as technology is on the wain.What I personally love is the idea of the excepting of individual responsibility as one of the redeeming forces that drives the plots I`ve read.
    An honest ,yet hopeful evolution of personalities founded on hardship and trial that is either the making or the breaking of the characters involved.A true mirror on the human spirit. The human world.What I find myself realistically looking forward to is which book will be the first to get the “Hollywood” treatment .For me Mallory on the big screen would be this fan`s idea of heaven on earth. Saying well done Mark is far too patronising of me.Your books stand on their own formidable merits.(DISCLAIMER-Geoff Rodley had received no monetary gain for posting this comment,lol.)

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