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  1. I’ve come across this before. The video is great. Crows are known to be very intelligent, as are all the corvids. Ravens especally give me pause for thought, huge birds with a lot of wisdom in their eye yet very gentle when handled. Which is just as well because their beak is massive!!

  2. You say, Mark, that “What you always feared is true”, I have always hoped fervently for it to be true. I’m hoping especially for the ghastly parade of cooks who clutter up the television schedules to be held to account. Now that would be the day!

  3. Crows,wonderful crows.I`ve been feeding them for years.Quite a few generations have shared my food with me,bringing their young each season or so to say “hello” to the human they have checked-out for years.Took me an age of feeding them before they would allow a catching of my eye,and not noisily head for the trees. I sometimes ponder who runs this cross species relationship.They sit an my fence at the same time each day and caw for attention.If tardiness takes my time then they will caw in union,drawing closer to my house door.Life reaches out to life.The responsibility for my actions is understood and,so far,is still enjoyed.Crows love cheese;dripping and bread, and oily fish. I wonder how they see me: a gourmet god or a slave and patsy.Does it matter.
    They get the food and live as Corvine kings,I receive their tolerance and tentative acceptance.Service keeps my feet on the ground while they fly free and high above my human world.It is so good to see.I envy the wild and untamed crows

  4. Hi mate,
    Tell it to the crows,will you.I`m just their fall guy.”I seek to serve” as my old school motto goes.The Crows seek to eat when and where they can……even envy them that simple instinct.Have you ever seen a fat crow?

  5. There is ,apparently, a lot more to crows than anyone of us have imagined.Celts really have a warm place for them in their ancient hearts.Old power and arcane ways,forgotten or repressed by “modern” man.Now this old soul loves `em to bits.One thing;their poo is impossible to get out of a t-shirt,believe me ,I`ve had to toss dozens.Such is the life of the crow enthusiast;being shat on from a great hight.

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