Hitting The “Best Of” Lists

Happy New Year everyone. A quick catch-up post as I get my head back into work-mode after the seasonal festivities, during which I saw and enjoyed both Sherlock Holmes and Avatar amid the usual carnage of what is my favourite time of year. I’m definitely a mid-winter person.

I’m currently snowed-in and watching the reports of Britain grinding to a halt (again). I’m afraid to consider how we’ll cope in a real catastrophe.

My work had a good showing among the usual “Best of…” lists, published at the end of 2009.

The Silver Skull (Swords of Albion) appeared in the favourite novels of Locus magazine critic Paul Witcover, SteveReads, Fantasy Book Critic Cindy’s best of 2009 list, and Fantasyliterature.com.

Meanwhile, Age of Misrule was flagged up in the best of 2009 lists of Rob Will Review, Fantasy Book Critic Cindy’s list (again!), and Nethspace.

Thanks to all.

0 thoughts on “Hitting The “Best Of” Lists”

  1. Congrats on the best of lists, well deserved :-)

    Enjoy being snowed in as much as we are, how big is your snowman this year?

  2. Yeah well done, Mark, you deserve that and much more. Hopefully we’ll see an AoM film hitting some “best of” lists sometime in the near future too!

  3. Well deserved, I’m currently forcing all my relatives to read it, and friends will be next. They know not what they miss. I need to read your Age of Misrule series. I asked Santa for them, but he obviously wasn’t listening. I got a a pair of shoes instead. My local bookstore has AoM 2 and 3, but not 1…grr. My local library is also lacking in the Chadbourn area….I will likely just order them from amazon for valentines gift to myself or maybe easter.

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