Countdown To 2012

If you haven’t heard of the 2012 meme gathering pace around the world, you will soon, thanks to a new movie by Roland Emmerich. According to various sources, December 21 2012 is supposed to be either a) the end of the world as a result of a collision with a comet or asteroid/a collision with a rogue, unidentified planet/a geomagnetic reversal/a black hole/some as-yet-unidentified source or b) the end of the world as we know it, caused by a shift in human consciousness, or perhaps, a spiritual awakening leading to a long foretold golden age.

Part of this belief is based on the Mayan Long Count calendar, which, according to some academics, comes to an end on December 21 (or 23) 2012. An End, with a capital E. Typically of the academic world, there is no firm agreement on this, with some saying the calendar actually ends 4.134105 × 10 to the 28th years in the future. Which is what is commonly known as “wiggle room”.

But it’s not just the Mayans. A similar prediction lies in the myths of the Hopi Native Americans, in the I Ching, some say in a code hidden in the Bible, and in the writings of the philosopher Terence McKenna, who created a formula which predicted a singularity of infinite complexity on December 21 2012, when everything and anything imaginable will occur simultaneously. Which seems to happen in my office on a regular basis.

All New Age Nonsense, some say. Well…it doesn’t matter. Much to the annoyance of my arch-rationalist friends, things which don’t exist can often have a greater effect on the world than things that do. If enough people believe we are approaching a time of “spiritual awakening” or “consciousness change”, they will make that happen. Altering patterns of behaviour. Becoming, say, more environmentally-minded. More socially aware, or politically aware. Then, 2012 becomes a focal point for changing the world. Putting it right.

On the other hand, maybe all these predictions are right.

For that reason, I’m going to be documenting here anything and everything which might relate to this. Strange events, odd coincidences, political and environmental acts, UFO sightings, religious phenomena, scientific advances and anything else which might take my interest. Who knows – a pattern might appear – or not? And as anyone who has read my books knows, I’m very interested in hidden patterns.

I’m interested to hear of any links, sightings, bizarre occurrences – personal or global, acts of activism, and transcendence, which may or may not fit into this. You can sign up for my forum and leave a message there, or DM me through that site.

I think we can have some fun with this.

4 thoughts on “Countdown To 2012”

  1. Hey Mark, I think this is damn cool, and I applaud you for it. If nothing happens 21/12/2012 then I s’pose that’ll be okay, but I’ll be honest and say that I hope something happens – something needs to, before we bugger everything up!

  2. Hi Mark

    Do you think that something might happen but it wont be registered by us? Also from what I remember about the Mayan time cycle, it just says that the current cycle will be over and a new one will begin labelled[or something similar]

  3. As I understand it, Mihir, the Mayans believed there were great changes as each time cycle turned to a new one. And there are several prophecies from other quarters which unsetttlingly dovetail with this one.

    If I wasn’t so aware of current environmental crises, I could dismiss it out of hand!

    However, I’m more concerned with the possibility that things could happen simply because people believe they will happen and so bring them about. There are lots of changes on the cards in the coming years, including the proposed singularity. I’m interested in how they’re all coming together. The 2012 thing is just a hook.

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