With Great Power! Superhero Anthology

Ages since I’ve written a short story and two announcements come along at once. Typical. I’m very proud to be included in a new anthology of superhero prose tales, With Great Power! which will be published by Pocket Books in 2010.

Award-winning editor Lou Anders has put together a great list of fellow contributors, a mix of leading comic book writers (including some personal favourites) and f/sf authors who are comics fans. Here’s the full list: Matthew Sturges, James Maxey, Paul Cornell, Mike Carey, Mike Baron, Daryl Gregory, Gail Simone, Stephen Baxter, Chris Roberson, Peter & Kathleen David, Joseph Mallozzi, Marjorie M Liu, Ian McDonald and Bill Willingham.

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a long-time comics fan, like many authors within the genre, and I’ve had comics published by Image and Caliber. Superheroes – so big in the movies – really is an untapped genre in prose form, though, and all credit to Pocket Books for taking the leap into this new area.

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  1. Congratulations. It’s not an entirely untapped genre though. I’ve noticed more and more superhero novels on the shelves. And there’s a series of books called ‘Wild Cards’ edited by GRR Martin that have been around quite a while which is all about Superheroes and villains – though I don’t think that it’s all that well known. I guess the success of recent comic book movies and TV series has finally spilled over into the book world.

  2. I remember the Wild Cards series – that was quite a while ago. There have been one or two other novels, as you rightly point out, but not many compared to the potential, I think.

    Well, I now have my own superhero, supporting cast and setting if I decide to use him again.

  3. I shall look forward to reading that anthology.

    I too thought that the Wild Cards series finished in the early 90’s. To my surprise I discovered that not only did they release 5 more books between 1993 and 2006, they’re also part way through a new series at the moment.

  4. Ah yes! Wild Cards = throw a statue at the car to stop it, don’t stand in front of it, you will go flying…

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