Why The Postman Hates Me

Complimentary copies of World’s End, Darkest Hour and Always Forever (courtesy of Pyr), The Burning Man mass-market paperback and the hardback and tradepaperback editions of Destroyer of Worlds (courtesy of Gollancz) have all recently arrived and are now piled up in the middle of my study. And there’s still Lord of Silence to come from Solaris.

Latest book deliveries
Latest book deliveries

I’m going to need a bigger study.

6 thoughts on “Why The Postman Hates Me”

  1. Nice! Even if the postman does hate you, I bet you love him when he drops off a nice big box of those books. That’s just a plain good ol’ fashion feeling of accomplishment. Cheers!

  2. please please make my postman dislike me too…..(those trade paperbacks especially take up lots of your precious space :D)

  3. Just got back from holiday and a book sized parcel was on the pile of post. Lord of Silence arrived already!!!! V exceited thought I had to wait until early July, now I can finish before Destroyer comes out. Worth coming home after all! Hope to make the London signing. Very Best Px

  4. You can give all those books to me :D. It’s impossible to find your books at my local bookstore in Borneo.

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