Forbidden Planet Signing – London

I’ll be signing copies of Lord of Silence and Destroyer of Worlds at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, on July 9 between 6-7pm.

You can also meet fellow author James Lovegrove, who will be signing copies of his new Solaris novel, The Age of Ra, same time, same place.

It’ll probably be the only signing I do for both of these books, so if you really want me to scribble all over your prized copy, come along.

One thought on “Forbidden Planet Signing – London”

  1. Drat – it’s on a Thursday!

    But maybe I could still make it… I’ve still got loads of hols to take before September. I could take Thursday off, have a day out in London followed by beers in the evening. And Friday off to recover from the hangover….

    I feel a ‘the Market Porter’ trip coming on!

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