World’s End US Reviews

A couple of nice reviews are in on the US publication of World’s End:

Chadbourn takes the reader on a wild ride through lands where modern Britain connects with the ancient past.

Chadbourn writes a tale that twists the tropes of fantasy into something unrecognizable.

Also nice as they come from bloggers who I read and respect. I won’t be doing a Joe Abercrombie (Hi, Joe!) and obsessively detailing every mention of my name across the internet, but I wanted to put these two up to mark the moment, as it were, of World’s End appearing in the US.

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  1. Mark-
    I just finished Always Forever and wanted to tell you that it was a wonderful series. I lived in Yorkshire back in ’02, and the travels of the five made me reminice of my own. I work in a Borders book store here and will be reccomending your novels to all my sci-fi/fantasy readers. I am looking forward to any more novels you are having published here in the states.

  2. Nice to hear from you, George, and thanks for the support and compliment. Sounds like you’ve covered a few miles in the intervening years!

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