The Silver Skull US Cover

Here’s the cover for the Pyr edition of The Silver Skull, by Chris McGrath, published in the US this October.


From the blurb:

A devilish plot to assassinate the Queen, a Cold War enemy hell-bent on destroying the nation, incredible gadgets, a race against time around the world to stop the ultimate doomsday device…and Elizabethan England’s greatest spy!

Meet Will Swyfte – adventurer, swordsman, rake, swashbuckler, wit, scholar and the greatest of Walsingham’s new band of spies.

But Swyfte’s public image is a carefully-crafted façade to give the people of England something to believe in, and to allow them to sleep peacefully at night. It deflects attention from his real work – and the true reason why Walsingham’s spy network was established.

A Cold War seethes, and England remains under a state of threat. The forces of Faerie have been preying on humanity for millennia. Responsible for our myths and legends, of gods and fairies, dragons, griffins, devils, imps and every other supernatural menace that has haunted our dreams, this power in the darkness has seen humans as playthings to be tormented, hunted or eradicated.

But now England is fighting back!

0 thoughts on “The Silver Skull US Cover”

  1. Dr Dee is in it, yes. It’s out in the UK in 2010 – no definite date yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as Transworld has confirmed.

  2. Um… Dr Dee?! Very cool.

    And this cover is STUNNING. How the ‘devil’ did you snag the talented Chris McGrath?! Heh. :)

    Love it.

    Karen (preparing to test her mathematical skillz now)

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