The Dark Age Goes To America

I’ve just signed contracts with Pyr to publish the three books of The Dark Age sequence – The Devil in Green, The Queen of Sinister and The Hounds of Avalon – in the US. They are scheduled to appear across three months in early 2010.

The Dark Age is a continuation of the story begun in Age of Misrule, which Pyr is publishing in May, June, and July this year. As UK readers know, this is all part of a sprawling nine-book sequence – a mosaic of interlocking trilogies – which tell a story spanning two thousand years of human history, dealing with the mythologies of several world religions, and set in this world, the Otherworld, and the world beyond death. Yes, it’s a big story.

I’ll also be writing a new essay as an introduction to detail how The Dark Age fits into the wider story started in Age of Misrule. Some UK readers were a little baffled originally and thought it was a completely different story. Wouldn’t want that happening again.

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  1. Congrats on signing the contracts! :)

    p.s. Just to mess up your links, I have a new website/blog in the works… Could you change your sidebar? Hehe… Cheers!

  2. Hi Mark,

    Those luck yankies. Well done.

    What is the collective noun for triologies??

    God, now I’ve got that awful advert for trio bars in my head.

    On that note I’ll apologise and leave you to try and get that out of your head!!


  3. For the UK, Australia and the rest of the Antipodes, the final book, Destroyer of Worlds, is out in July this year. It’s been edited, the cover’s done, so there’s no reason for any delays!

  4. Hi Mark

    Quick question; Locus magazine says that your novel the Silver Skull is due out in the Fall of this year already, by PYR. Is that correct?


  5. Hi Taliesin – Yes, The Silver Skull (Swords of Albion) is out in the US this year, scheduled for November, from Pyr. The UK publication date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

  6. Greetings to one and to all,
    At this moment I`ve read up to chapter seven ,”Alpha and Omega,” in my first Mark Chadbourne book: The Devil In The Green.
    I found this wonderful tome on a typically grey and wind swept “Summer`s” day in my local library.Chance or perhaps some benign deity led me to the discovery of this great treasure: fallen to the floor and partly hidden by the book shelf.
    In my life seldom has a book come into my life that propels you home from work with a growing expectant urgency and excited need ;to open its covers and bathe and submerge yourself in its glorious landscapes and characters. This book does this for me : thank you so very,very much!
    A book as yours has,alas ,been a rare occurrence in my life: others that have graced my life being The Lord Of The Rings by JRR Tolkien;Frank Herbert`s Dune and Children Of Dune and a handful more.
    The rich and descriptive tapestry your weave wends it wonderful way through a land one wants to melt and merge into;I liken the “court of peaceful days” to that of Lothlorien in its mesmerising appeal and emotional involvement. Along with Mallory I was ready to spend ,quite contentedly, the rest of the novel in that enchanted otherworld under the magical thrall and in the eternal protection of the golden ones.
    But thank the Gods,Mallory did the right and proper think and returned to the paranormal plains of this new twisted Wiltshire.
    I could drone on for eternity and play the king of the Sycophants for ever when it comes to my joy at finding this book. My heart and mind are the richer for its unlooked for finding.Tonight I`ll rush with purpose through the driving rain to my home and to that dear book waiting for me there.
    Mallory and his adventures have me gripped by a spell as strong and as potent as any cast in the book.
    Thank you so very much Mr Chadbourne. For me the adventure is has just begun;how lucky I am,indeed so.
    Geoff Rodley

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