Fantasycon 2009 Guests Announced

The British Fantasy Society has announced the guests for its annual Fantasycon convention, this year to be held in Nottingham, UK, over the weekend of September 18 – 20. They are:

Jasper Fforde, the genre-blurring author of the Tuesday Next series and the Nursery Crime series

Brian Clemens, the TV legend behind The Avengers, The Persuaders and Thriller.

Gail Z Martin, author of the best-selling fantasy Chronicles of the Necromancer series

The Master of Ceremonies is Ian Watson, author of many acclaimed SF novels including The Fire Worm and Whores of Babylon

To me, that looks like a great line-up. Fantasycon is one of the highlights of the UK convention calendar and is certainly worth checking out. For more information go to

2 thoughts on “Fantasycon 2009 Guests Announced”

  1. Hi Mark–

    Thanks for the mention! I’m really excited about Fantasycon. It’s an honor to be asked, and I’m looking forward to seeing the authors and readers I’ve been trading emails with all this time, including you!

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