Did You Know?

Of course, we all did know this, right?

(I didn’t make this, btw: the video on the progression of information technology was researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Bronman. Google them to find out more of their work.)

7 thoughts on “Did You Know?”

  1. That all kinda blew me away! I loved the fact about the 4 year degree, that 1st year info will be out of date by third year. As I work at a University, that fact particularly made me laugh!

  2. All very interesting but is it just me or is the world just as divided and broken as it has always been?
    A gazillion iPod’s or broadband connections might be great if it actually achieved something worthwhile but all I can see is 200 million Facebook users so wrapped up in their own lives they make Narcissus seem self-effacing.
    10 years ago I thought the internet could be a fantastic tool for humanity – it never happened. Now it is mainly big ads by big companies and soon we will be monitored wherever we go on the ‘Net’. William Gibson was right all along, we do have Chiba city blues.

  3. That’s the down side. But you can’t blame the net. People are people. I wonder what the sixties would have been like if they had the internet then?

  4. Yes, but all the ‘techie toys’ that are deemed essential today are using up vast amounts of resources that can’t be easily replaced.

    I suppose I just hoped that all that computing power could have been put to better use – space exploration, making the Earth a nice place to live for the majority – the 60’s ideals that have vanished in this free-market hell that so many live in.
    I use a computer for my job but moved to the Highlands to live in a tiny village so I can ignore the 21st century most of the time :-)

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