0 thoughts on “Geek-In-Chief”

  1. There was me thinking you liked him for his political beliefs and all the time it’s because he’s a fellow geek ;)

  2. Anyone who likes Spider-Man can’t be bad. And it’ll be nice to have a President who understands Spidey’s motto: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

  3. Good point about the motto.
    Better a geek than another neocon.
    Be a nice change to have a president with some intelligence.
    Just hope he lives up to the hype.

  4. If the cliche but vital ideals found within most fantasy worlds reflect the reader’s character as much as I think it does then we’re in for a radical shift.

    The announcement of Guantanamo actually hit me pretty hard, it’s so often that these promises are made and then lost in the red tape..blaming skeletons in the closet of the previous government for the lack of action. I don’t see this happening with Obama – he wouldn’t want to let Spidey down.

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