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I’m now dj-ing at

I can’t write without music playing. I tend to have pretty eclectic tastes, with a range of different modes to conjure up the right atmosphere. But I’m always on the look-out for something I haven’t heard before.

Send me your music recommendations…

11 thoughts on “More Music”

  1. Sounds like fun, Mark. Going through an Irish punk/folky sound myself – Flogging Molly, Street Dogs etc. HAve you heard the Mad Caddies? A real mix of styles and influences.

  2. Fun loving criminals and Steve Harley – fantastic :D

    Shame I can’t get this on the car stereo……..

    If you want something a bit blues / roots / Americana for a change try this guy:

    And for some lyrical pop get on The Script.

    (maths is tough tonight)

  3. It honestly depends what I’m working on. If I am working on my long term project about Anglo-Saxon saints, then it’s either classical or 70/80’s techno like Vangelis/Oldfield/Kitaro etc. If it’s fiction for some reason it has to be 80’s US stuff like Journey/Nightranger/Ted Nugent. For research it’s either peppy pop from the 70’s or 80’s or it could be Zeppelin, or more bluesy stuff like Gary Moore or Robert Cray. Wierd enough for you??

  4. I always loved My Bloody Valentine, and Orbital’s ‘Insides’ as perfect writing music. I’d also guess that Fairport Convention’s ‘Leige and Leaf’ might put ideas into your head.

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