2009 Book Schedule

Tentative dates for books I’ ve got coming out in 2009 – all are subject to change.

May – World’s End: Book One of the Age of Misrule (US)
June – Darkest Hour: Book Two of the Age of Misrule (US)
June 11 – The Burning Man: Book Two of Kingdom of the Serpent (mass-market paperback) (UK)
July – Always Forever: Book Three of the Age of Misrule (US)
August – The Lord of Silence: The Ghost Warrior Book One (UK and US)
August – Destroyer of Worlds: Book Three of Kingdom of the Serpent (Hardback and trade paperback)(UK)

There may well be one final new book to be announced by the end of the year. My US publisher also hopes to have the first of my new Swords of Albion series out in October, but as my UK publisher hasn’t scheduled it until early 2010, they may try to align publication dates.

This has been a public service announcement.

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