New Frontiers

Announcements on various fronts are forthcoming. The last few weeks…months…have been taken up with considerations of the future, negotiations, new contacts, new ideas. For me, it’s been an exciting time, and definitely feels like the start of a new phase – for good or bad remains to be seen, but at the moment I’m wallowing in the crackling energy of newness and possibility.

I’ve spent the last ten years telling essentially one story over a trilogy of trilogies, dense, complex, with a massive cast of characters, numerous mythologies, and two thousand years of human history – but one story. And now I’m just about at the end of it. When I first mooted this tale back in the golden, boomtime days of the nineties, my editor frankly thought it was too big a project to pull off – and I did nurture a few self-doubts myself. It’s been exhausting, infuriating, stimulating, and hugely fulfilling. But that’s still a long time to be exploring one small part of the jungle.

More next week.

5 thoughts on “New Frontiers”

  1. Here’s a machete, a compass and a parachute. Ready? Oh, and we’ll be dropping you into the unexplored area around midnight!

  2. I think you are very cruel leaving us wondering what is going on! I remember that J M Straczynski did the same regarding his projects last year – is this a SF/fantasy author thing ;-)

  3. That’s better!
    Now that I have finished Burning Man I am rereading AoM at the moment, it is amazing how many things I seem to have missed.
    By the way I absolutely loved Burning Man, definitely one of the highlights of the series.
    I’m looking forward to the final volume but I shall miss the sense of expectation I get when that Amazon box drops through the letterbox!

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