New Book Deal

I’ve just signed a deal to publish a new novel in 2009. This will be alongside the final volume of Kingdom of the Serpent. More soon.

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  1. That’s great! Mark, if I may be so bold as to ask, in which genre will the new novel be – fantasy, science fiction, horror or something else?

  2. Glad to hear there is more good stuff coming.

    Just bought the Solaris anthology.

    When can we expect to see The Burning Man in the shops ?

  3. Mark,
    I am not a sci fi writer, but am interested in the genre. I came across you via Brian Aldiss’ article in a UK newspaper online, I am in Taiwan, from the USA originally, 58 years young. I am very interested in polar cities for the future, re global warming, perhaps in year 2500, and I also recently came across a book by Noel Hodson called AD2515. Reason I am posting here in the comments is that I can’t find your email address but do want to chat with you. I want to know if you ever hear of the concept of polar cities,, and if you know of any sci fi writers anywhere in the world who might be looking for a good theme to work on. I cannot write novels, but I have some good ideas and want to give them to a writer to work on. He or she can have all the rewards. I don’t want or need money. I want to popularize the idea of polar cities, however, as a non-threatening thought experiment. Can you email me at danbloom *gmail? thanks — danny

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