“THE NEWTON stone is a small, rather unassuming pillar in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. On one side is faded, ancient writing, on the other a curling snake and cylindrical patterning. Many would say that it is a typical example of a Scottish standing stone.”

One, shall we say, creative opinion, for the meaning behind the designs is detailed here. The truth, of course, is being defined in The Kingdom of the Serpent.

0 thoughts on “Megalithomania!”

  1. My daughter was doing a photoshoot at one of our local megalithic sites – Roughting Linn – and while the site of green buds in December gave me pause for thought, the knowledge that we have absolutely no idea why those people carved those cups and rings and whorls into the rock gave me a feeling of not so quiet satisfaction. Does everything have to be explained?

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