Coming Up…

New limited edition, exclusive books coming from PS Publishing:

PAST MAGIC — Ian MacLeod (collection) (ready to ship late this month)
THE VOYAGE OF NIGHT SHINING WHITE — Chris Roberson (novella) (ready to ship late this month)
ILLYRIA — Elizabeth Hand (novella) (shipping in December)
JULIAN — Robert Charles Wilson (novella) (shipping in December)
FLAVORS OF MY GENIUS — Robert Reed (novella) (shipping in December)
TWELVE COLLECTIONS & THE TEASHOP — Zoran Zivkovic (double novella) (shipping in December)
THE MERMAIDS — Robert Edric (novella) (shipping in December)
POSTSCRIPTS # 9 — winter 2006 issue (shipping in December)
HEREAFTER, AND AFTER — Richard Parks (novella) (shipping in January)
THE SCALDING ROOMS — Conrad Williams (novella) (shipping in January)
WHERE OR WHEN — Steven Utley (collection) (shipping in January)
PROMISED LAND — Jack Dann (collection) (shipping in January)

Anything grab your fancy?

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